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Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

I am quite honoured to be included as an advisor and presenter in the inaugural Phoenix Training and Professional Development Program taking place from August 13-16th in Squamish BC.  This music industry event is an initiative of Music BC, SFU Beede School of Business and supported by Creative BC and FACTOR



I am deep into creating my presentation, a case study of my real business, using the Business Model Canvas for formulating a future action plan and discussing how business adapts to personal priorities over an extended career.

In addition, I am partnered with Terry Mcbride of Nettwerk records along with 4 other business leaders, as advisors to the lucky 12 music professionals selected to be part of the development program!




Preparing for my Phoenix presentation

I am looking forward to being part of this event and there is no doubt that this will be a great opportunity for everyone to gain some insight and knowledge as well as open a few doors to previously unseen directions.


More Information:


 PHOENIX will provide participants with practical business guidance. It will include a comprehensive review of the different business models found in the contemporary music sector, as well as deep analysis of each business model brought to the lab. Advisers and mentors are drawn from both the music industry and the business world, to give participants a range of perspectives on possibilities and ways forward. The work becomes more personalized for each participant as the workshops progress. Psychology sessions are incorporated to give participants tools for working more efficiently and achieving better work/life balance. Resilience, time and behavioral management are also topics that will be covered in the program.

Community and Creativity

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017
Tina Mohns

Tina Mohns

There are many connections that you can make as a photographer, some random, some from assignments, others through community. I have always been an advocate for community, even an activist. This has brought me on many adventures, along with some detours but almost always leading me to people with similar ideas and beliefs on the way.

Pennylane Shen

Pennylane Shen

I have directed my work to my passion, creating “Imagery That Stirs” for myself and for clients. With most of my community work, although it is related to creativity I don’t often get to indulge my passion and profession as a photographer with camera in hand.

Olivia Sari-Goerlach

Olivia Sari-Goerlach

When the opportunity does come up, I jump in lens first. One of those opportunities is being part of the great international arts organization, Slideluck, whose irresistible mandate is “building community through food and art’. Along with co-director Tina Mohns, I have involved other influential people with community interests to help and then placed them in front of my camera so we have a consistent series of portraits of the great people who are the jury and team that is behind the event.

Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark

It was both a chance to recognize the people, that without their help, this event could not happen and for me to have more than an organizational role in Slideluck Vancouver.

Johnathon Vaughn-Strebly

Johnathon Vaughn-Strebly

The jury are all accomplished creatives in the design and art community with extraordinarily high standards, international reputations, community leaders, activists, educators and more. Each has pretty lofty expectations and deserves more than just a passport headshot. The organizing team are all photographers with certain expectations as well so the bar was set high to begin with.

Hope Morris

Hope Morris

We all had a great time during the shoot and I hope you agree the results speak for themselves.

Avalon Mott

Avalon Mott

More about the jury

Slideluck Vancouver lV

Inspiring People, Inspiring Stories

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
Meeting Chris Hadfield at the XL Leadership Summit was truly an honour for the space geek and photographer I am. Photo by Kim Stallknecht

Meeting Chris Hadfield at the XL Leadership Summit was truly an honour for the space geek and photographer I am.
Photo by Kim Stallknecht

On February 13th I had the great fortune to represent CAPIC Vancouver as Chapter President and attend the XL Leadership Summit held at Hotel Vancouver.

This inspiring event, presented by the Twenty Ten Group featured a series of fantastic leaders and speakers talking about many topics related to Leadership. Speaking to a packed house, the first up, has had the opportunity to lead literally out of this world and spoke about “The Sky Is Not The Limit”. Col. Chris Hadfield   (@Cmdr_Hadfield) is without doubt, the most famous astronaut since Armstrong walked on the moon.

His talk was humble, funny, fascinating, captivating and inspiring. The entire audience soaked up every word from describing the “Man Diapers” that he put on before his first flight into space to his fluent Russian story about the Ammonia leak that took place just days before he was to return home from the ISS.

Col Hadfield offered many insights into his approach to leadership in a place where there is no room whatsoever for mistakes (the ISS). “Prepare for the unknown: visualize failure”, repeat and do it again so you are ready for anything. “Value everyone on your team” was another way he succeeds. Each member of his crew gets “listening” time where he asks for ideas and gives responsibility to the team so they remain engaged.

His humbleness included describing himself as a failure, as he had not attained the goal he set as a 9 year old watching  Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon. That goal was that one day would walk on the Moon as well… I think we can all agree Col Hadfield is no failure!

By the end of his talk I was completely inspired and, along with the entire audience, easily could have listened to much more. I had not so secretely hoped I would be able to meet him and perhaps, have him sign a book featuring his photography, that my daughter, Lindsay had given me for Christmas.

Fortunatley after his talk, I ran into photographer, Kim Stallknecht, who was on her way to photograph other attendees with the speaker. A big thanks to Kim for the opportunity to not only get the book signed but have a chance to meet briefly and have my photo taken with Col Hadfield!

There was so much more inspiration through the rest of the day, but for me the highlight came at the start of the day.

Many thanks to the team that put the day together, it went well beyond my expectations!

@XL_Summit  @Cmdr_Hadfield

Something New, But Really Just a Full Circle.

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
Long lost Diploma

Full Circle

It seems funny how we can move forward, do new things, have new unfamiliar directions and end up going in a full circle. On Monday of this week, I began teaching one course on Professional Practices with Langara College in their Continuing Studies Photographic Department. This is the first full semester of classes I have taught. I have done many one-off lectures and talks for many schools and groups around Vancouver but not ever a full course.
It is a natural progression for me, I have always believed in sharing knowledge, protecting photographers rights, have been deeply involved in community and giving back or paying it forward when I could.

My experience has been both rewarding and at times trying, as is the life of the self employed. We all ride the roller coaster and photography lends itself very well to that. Being asked to teach about Professional Practices to a class of 29 gives me time to reflect on just what does make this business work and how perhaps I can help them avoid some of the mistakes that I have learned from.

As I prepared for the class I wondered how I was going to introduce myself and give them some insight into my experience. I thought about how interesting it was to be teaching in a classroom literally just down the hall from where I studied photography from 1976-1978. Many things have changed but there is still a real familiar feel to being there.

In my introduction to the class, I spoke about my Olympic experiences and goals as a child. How in 1976, I had just returned from Montreal and started my student life at Langara. Many years later, I ended up achieving my goal of involvement in the Olympics working at Vancouver 2010. I was also able to include Langara students, staff and other alumni in work and volunteer positions at the Games in the Press Operations Department. This led to me being recognized by Langara as an Outstanding Alumnus and a chance to give a speech to the 2010 graduating class. I talked about my roots at Langara and how I had come full circle then and here I am again 4 years later teaching a course starting on the eve of the 2014 Games.

All of these have been an important series of events for me, but what really brought things all together was a phone call I received the very next day after my first class. A colleague and past studio mate, Robert Earnest called and said he had a box of my “stuff”. He did not say what it was, except that it had come from our old studio that we left over 12 years ago. I did not know that he had maintained the darkroom and now he was clearing it out.

Robert came by with the box and I opened it with a tremendous amount of curiosity. What I found, was something that brought the full circle right back to the beginning. Along with film reels and tanks, lenses and darkroom accessories there was my College Diploma from Langara. It is yellowed and fragile, the glass long since broken but the diploma is in one piece. How ironic that this long forgotten piece of my photographic education and history shows up now, just as I begin teaching at Langara.

Works of Personal Photographic Discovery

Monday, August 20th, 2012

After a rather extended non-blogging period, I have returned to my writing and posting, updating my website and adding images that don’t really belong anywhere else other than facebook or instagram (#rick_etkin) but I wanted to share more than the short bursts allowed in those forums.

Discoveries - personal iphonography Ikea Lamps
Discoveries – personal iphonography
Ikea Lamps

I have immensely enjoyed creating and capturing images with my iphone that I might not have taken with my Lumix, Nikon or other heavy pro gear that I have the occasion to use. “The best camera you have is the one that you have with you”…(chase jarvis and many others). It appears I have taken that to heart and find myself shooting constantly and I have amassed a large library of images from my travel, walking, discoveries and day to day visual observations.

Getty Museum Los Angeles - iphonography
discoveries – travel iphonography
Stainless Steel Bowls - Commercial Kitchen iphonography
discoveries – personal iphonography

The reaction to my personal work has been very strong, positive and encouraging and I am happy to begin sharing some of this with more people in the very public world of the internet.

Feedback and comments are truly welcome.

Watch this space for regular updates! ( I promise)

Master Film Workshops – The Passion Remains

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Passion Remains!

A weekend on film making with Peter Anderson asc and Andrew Lesnie asc, acs

All about 3D and Lord of the Rings….

Andrew Lesnie at the VLAFF Master Lighting Workshop

Over 2 days last weekend I spent more than 10 hours in a totally inspiring workshop with two of the film industries’ top cinematographers. The event was organized as part of the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival and featured 3D and special effects supervisor wizard, Peter Anderson and Director of Photography, Andrew Lesnie.

Both of these gentlemen have a lot in common aside from 3 decades in the business, they are still passionate about what they do and share this information freely with their peers, upcoming stars and film school students.

With a filmography that includes movies that just about everyone has seen (perhaps multiple times) the chance to hear some of their tips and techniques in person was a draw for over 100 people to the sold out workshops.

Peter Anderson spoke on Saturday about his passion for making 3D movies of almost everything. When asked what makes a good candidate for filming in 3D, he replied “almost any movie; as it is about the storytelling and 3D is only a tool in that story.” There are some films that have used the technology for helping the horror get more real or so fish can bite the audience. Perhaps they aren’t the best films made and there are films that won’t get any better just because they are in 3D but Peter felt that well written films planned in 3D will always have an audience for the experience.

Working with massive, heavy, complex, stereoscopic camera gear on just about any type of support you can image (race cars, planes, boats, cables…you name it) and calculating moving optical and physical distances to make sure the audience doesn’t get acute eyestrain while often working in conditions that would test most people… well you get the picture. I am sure there are those that sometimes wonder how Peter can have worked so long and remained so low key and soft-spoken.

One of his bigger challenges came with working with U2 on their U23D-the movie, like the size of the band, it utilized the largest 3D camera crew ever assembled with more than 7 3D cameras running simultaneously in 9 concerts in 7 different cities in the Southern Hemisphere. I believe he said that more footage was created than for Avatar….

Peter’s commitment for the industry and the community is obvious from his involvement on so many trade committees, guilds and association boards. It only seems logical that he would make trip to Vancouver to talk the workshop after delivering another massive movie (The Legend of Daming Palace) the evening before…

He is very technically minded and has a tremendous discipline in his work. His photography pastime reflects his mindset. He will take a 4×5 view camera to a destination of choice with only 1 loaded film holder (real film). A shot is only created if he thinks everything is perfect – no take two or take twenty. Get it right the first and only time by planning every detail. In his 3D and effects specialty, that is the only way to succeed

I believe his mantra runs “ I should have done this on the day but I didn’t so I will fix it post – is a mistake”

Andrew describes the lighting in the Master Lighting Workshop

Andrew describes the lighting in the Master Lighting Workshop

Andrew Lesnie who is here in Vancouver finishing principle shooting “Caesar -Rise of the Apes” opened his presentation with a talk about one of his favourite films, “Babe”. If you have not seen this film, now is the time to rent it before you read the rest of this post so you can understand the art and craft of Andrew and how he works.  The first time I saw it with my kids I was in awe of the quality of every part of the visual storytelling. It is a masterpiece.

As Andrew went through the stories of his work on Babe, you knew quickly that he loves his work. It seems that there are those that have the great fortune to be able to pursue a life-long, single career passion of the path they choose. Peter and Andrew both began as kids and have never strayed from their love. Sure it may seem challenging at times but their passion never feels like a “job”.

It became quickly apparent that the old axiom “never work with kids or animals” didn’t hold much credence with Andrew. The opportunities to make the near impossible happen, without the “new methodology of computer imaging” that is accessible now, showed his film making abilities. Just imagine taking a children’s fantasy book and bringing it to life without computers…Writers and directors may have the idea, but it is the cinematographer who needs to bring it to the screen.

After showing many examples of how things took place, how he solved problems, lit and shot the final outcome, the attendees were hanging on every word, absorbing ideas like light in the depths of the darkest set of Lord of the Rings, his next subject.

Since none of you have likely been hiding in the caves or Mordor for the last 12 years, I am sure I don’t have to describe what it must be like to meet and listen to the lead of a huge visual team that brought the LOTR series to the screen.

Andrew has a great presence and a very low key personality, not necessarily what you would expect with some-one who worked on the biggest single film project ever. He engaged everyone, filled us with many stories about selected scenes and how they came about. He shared stories and details about working with Peter Jackson, the director and how “simple setups” were really multiple shots with changes and coverage so he would be lighting some very large areas as for 360 views, never knowing where the camera may end up next.

In his original plan for the series, the vast majority of scenes were to be back-lit for drama (check out the DVD’s) and Peter Jackson wanted the actors to have catch-lights in their eyes. Once I had heard the stories, I know I will go back and watch the trilogy with a different “eye” and understanding.

Master Lighting Workshop

Andrew demonstrates lighting for storytelling on a small set at the VLAFF Master Lighting Workshop

Needless to say this could be a long post if I don’t move on.

The master lighting workshop portion of the day was based on the simple premise that lighting is part of the storytelling and you must be thinking about the action, motivation and the story being told. A good director of photography will work to enhance the story, the drama or impact by creating the environment with lighting. Know the script and add to it with light and shadow. Set moods, create drama and mystery.

Andrew quickly demonstrated the ability to change moods, depth and story on a small set.  Once again all of the attendees were paying close attention with many writing notes, shooting reference stills and video. It is quickly obvious that Andrew’s skills are second to none.

The next portion of the day featured the more recent “I am Legend” with Will Smith. More dark dramatic action filmmaking that would test anyone’s abilities. Andrew described lighting a chase using a single flashlight to shooting a massive scene with thousands of extras on the docks of Manhattan. Not for the faint of heart…

At various times he entertained us with his methods of getting what he needed done, despite the direction of a director or producer. I think everyone was wondering how he or she would have handled the evacuation sequence.  A scene that evolved within the pandemonium of many people with guns, helicopters, explosives and shooting at night in NYC post 9-11 with multiple cameras.

Karl Hermmann, Peter Anderson, Andrew Lesnie

Panel discussion at the VLAFF master film workshop with Karl Hermmann, Peter Anderson, Andrew Lesnie

Panel Discussion

The event ended with a panel discussion that included Peter, Andrew and local Vancouver cinematographer and workshop host, Karl Herrmann.  The theme of passion for what you do was repeated. Stay inspired, focused and work on your storytelling.

All three of the panel have been working for over 30 years and followed their passion prior to that. Very lucky to have such a privilege to work at what you love and for all of us participants, very, very privileged to have such great leaders in the industry willing to share and inspire us.

I left the workshops inspired and ready to go for when I get my next $200 million feature ;-). In reality I am, once again impressed by our community and the talent and desires of all of us to strive for great things. It appears that Adidas campaign “ Impossible is Nothing” is true…

I look forward to next year!

Thank you to all of the sponsors who made this possible!

Langara Press Release – Rick Etkin Named 2010 Langara Outstanding Alumni

Friday, June 18th, 2010

100 WEST 49TH AVENUE TEL: 604.323.5511
VANCOUVER, BC FAX: 604.323.5555
For immediate release
June 17, 2010

Rick Etkin Named 2010 Langara Outstanding Alumni

Presentation of the Outstanding Alumni Award to Rick Etkin

Vancouver, BC –

Rick Etkin is the recipient of the 2010 Langara College Outstanding Alumni Award for Industry Achievement. The annual award celebrates the contribution of exceptional individuals who have enhanced the reputation of the College through their inspirational career, public service, community service, athletic, arts and culture, or academic achievements. He was awarded the honour at the College’s 44th annual Convocation Ceremony held on June 3.

Since his graduation from the Langara College Photo Technician program in 1978, Etkin has owned and operated a successful advertising photography and commercial production business. He is an active member of the photographic community and is a founding member and current president of the Vancouver Chapter of Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC). In addition to his work with CAPIC, he has volunteered with the Variety Telethon providing photographic services during the telethons as well as for public relations purposes.

In 2010, Etkin realized a childhood dream of being part of the Olympics when he was chosen to be the Supervisor Photo Services for the Mountain Region with the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. He shared his Olympic experience with the Langara community by recruiting photo department instructors, alumni, and students to be part of his press operations team.

“Rick is an active leader in his industry and a sincere advocate for our College,” said Dr. David Ross, president of Langara. “He has served on our Professional Photo-Imaging program advisory board for over 25 years, guest lectures for the program and hosts students for work practicums. We are honoured that he is a Langara alumnus.”

Langara College, located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, provides University, Career, and Continuing Studies programs and courses to more than 20,000 students annually. The College’s expansive academic breadth and depth allows students to choose their own educational path. The College offers three bachelor’s degrees as well as a comprehensive variety of diplomas, certificates, and citations.
– 30 –

Media contact:
Dr. Ian Humphreys, Ph.D.
Director, Communications & Marketing Services

Langara College

Survive? Think thrive – An evening with Selina Maitreya

Monday, June 14th, 2010

CAPIC VANCOUVER Presents another great informative event.

Hosted by Rick Etkin

PRESENTER: Selina Maitreya

Advance tickets available at Beau Photo. Tickets may be purchased at the door by cheque only, payable to CAPIC Vancouver Chapter
Members: $40/$65 | Non members: $65/$90

DOOR PRIZE: The View > From Here! Authoured by Selina Maitreya ( A 9 hour/12 chapter MP3 program valued at $199 donated by Selina Maitreya. Other door prizes will also be drawn

This current lecture, SURVIVE? THINK THRIVE! presents and outlines Selina’s beliefs, that photographers can, and are thriving in today’s tough economic times. Through a power point program that uses real life examples, Selina will outline the steps photographers can take to move from a survival mode to prosperity. The lecture will be followed by an extensive Q&A session.

Participants will learn:

  • The TRUE difference between surviving and thriving in today’s business market
  • What steps other photographers are taking to ensure that their business will thrive.
  • How to maximize empty shooting calendars for future prosperity
  • What constitutes a competitive product to today’s assignment photo buyer
  • The way to match your vision to different industries
  • Steps to bring the sales process back into the marketing equation –
  • How to successfully utilize, and combine traditional and contemporary marketing tools (websites, emails, portal placement, blogs, and social networking)
  • Whether an agent or a marketing assistant is the right for them and how to find the right team member

The event will also feature a Q&A period when Selina will answer ANY questions about the business that your members have. There will also be on opportunity to schedule one-on-one consultation times with Selina.

Book Signing

You can pre-order copies of “How To Succeed In Commercial Photography: Insights from a Leading Consultant” direct through Allworth Press. Please contact Selina for ordering details. Selina will happily sign her name and scribble a note for anyone purchasing a book at the evening’s end.


Langara College


Raymond Lum Photography
Whitebox Studios

Winnipeg Presentation – My Personal Games Experience

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Click for video
A very quick look at my games experience – an excerpt from the presentation.

A short but successful trip to Winnipeg. Thanks to my host Ron Weston, Superintendent of the St James-Assiniboia School District (and a former volunteer in press operations at the Whistler Media Centre during the Olympics) I was able to share my experience of the Games with photography and art teachers from the district..

The participants of the presentation wearing the latest in photo ID

The multi image extravaganza covered the steps through my time at VANOC and the role that I played and how it related to the photography that was seen around the world. It starts with the destination (an amazing collection of photos from the Games) and then changes to the journey of how the photos came into existence. Many thank yous to the photographers who allowed me to share their work!

The talk included insightful peeks behind the scenes of the photographers at work. There were great portraits of my colleagues, who made the experience so great, and views of some of the planning that it took to accomplish all of the success. The participants gained a lot clearer idea of what was involved in my role at the Games.

The instructors were there to see something that they have not experienced in photography and then discuss ways to help motivate their students to explore and enjoy photography in school and beyond. I believe that the day was a success the teachers had lots to talk about after.

I would be happy to share the presentation with others that are interested, send me an email  for more details.

Some sites around Winnipeg which had record rains a couple of days earlier.

Heavy rains raised river levels in Manitoba past flood stage and made this walkway at The Forks impassible.

Stairs to an underwater walkway at The Forks

The Palm Lounge at The Fort Garry. Not a bad place to spend time on tech support to sort out software problem. Good java and jazz found here.

Langara College Outstanding Alumni Award for Industry Achievement

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Langara College Outstanding Alumni Award for Industry Achievement

Yesterday, June 3rd, Vancouver’s Langara College presented me with the Langara College Outstanding Alumni Award for Industry Achievement for 2010.  This honour was given during the 2010 Convocation Ceremonies to an audience of nearly 600 people and streamed live online.

I was also asked to deliver the keynote Convocation Address to all of the Graduates. Speaking on such an important topic in front of a large audience was a first for me. It appears that it was successful as they laughed in all the right places instead of laughing at me.

“Your address was most inspiring – set goals and go forth, everything is within reach.”

“Thank you so much! Your speech was inspiring and very well
thought out. You did a superb job!”

“Thank you for your continued connection and support of
Langara College. Alumni like yourself make us very proud.”

As you can see, I received very positive feedback from some of the college directors, instructors, parents and more than a few graduates. It was most appreciated, as I must say I was on the nervous side when I began speaking.

For those interested, the text of the speech can be read by following this link. Full circle_r_etkin

Video of the presentation can be found by following the link, look for the 3rd ceremony and then scroll to the 30 minute mark

Photos and more comments will be added when they are available.

More information to come.

About the Award from Langara:

Alumni Award Winners

Alumni are an integral part of the Langara Family. Each year we celebrate their outstanding contributions by awarding Outstanding Alumni Awards to exceptional individuals who have enhanced the reputation of the College through their inspirational career, public service, community service, athletics, arts and culture or academic achievements.

Next Stop – Winnipeg to talk about my experience at the Games

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Here it is late on Friday the 28th and I am still working on my presentation for the photography instructors in Winnipeg. Only about 50 hours till I am on the plane and not really keen on making changes that late!

Its going together very well and I have been getting image contributions from photographers from all over including this one from Australian Christopher Dobie which clearly shows my professionalism during the games. In fact he emailed the image to my photo supervisor at Creekside saying the following:

“I must lodge one complaint though. There was an obvious amateur photographer getting in everyone’s way. I have attached a photo of him. If you recognize him, can you make sure he is banned from all future events.”

Working at Creekside
Photo Manager at Creekside ( me “the amateur”) caught working behind the scenes at the Paralypmic Alpine. Photo by Christopher Dobie

I am already feeling the repercussions of this, even though I was clearly shooting the photographers at work in front of me. It is hard to defend against photographic evidence 😉

Next assignment Siberia or is that Sochi?

CAPIC Vancouver Portfolio Speed Review-the review

Saturday, May 29th, 2010
2nd annual portfolio speed review - capic vancouver

Images from the Portfolio Speed Review at Vancouver Photo Workshop- May 25th CAPIC Vancouver

The following is an excerpt from the review that I wrote about the CAPIC event on the 25th. In my role as Chapter President, I was the MC and host of the Speed Reviews. Aside from almost losing my voice as the “end of session” alarm, it was quite inspiring to see the interaction between the participants and reviewers and great to peek over shoulders to see the portfolios. Really great work being created in Vancouver. Next time my book is going to be in for the reviews!

Thanks to all of the nearly 60 people involved.

The 2nd CAPIC Vancouver Portfolio Speed Reviews

Without doubt, one of the most successful and rewarding events that CAPIC Vancouver has put together! There was a fantastic turnout of reviewers representing the best design houses and advertising agencies in the city including Cossette, Karacters, Emdoublyou Design, and Hangar 18. This was matched by a real cross-section of photographers showing their best work. According to the reviewers, there were some stunning world class quality portfolios being shown.

Reviewers repeatedly noted that artists that they had seen last year, had taken and acted on their advice to greatly improve the overall impact and quality of their books. This was a clear indication to them of the value of the event . The designers all felt that this was time well spent. Meeting new talent, reacquainting themselves with others and being part of the community was worth every minute.

Each of the artists felt the quality of the reviews. Although five minutes often felt like only two, it created a focused and intense session which was truly like speed dating ( for those who have done that) after which they hoped that could lead to follow-up meetings and potential work.

There is no other comparable business environment that brings so many artists and buyers together to meet.

The event committee, volunteers and board members all worked hard to organize this event that saw virtually every participant in the reviews having their portfolio seen and commented on by every one of the 12 reviewers. To everyone’s real appreciation, that exceeded all expectations. A giant thank you to all of the reviewers for staying on to finish!

Comments and Quotes from the evening

It really was a fabulous evening. It was exhausting, but extremely rewarding.
The reviews are a great opportunity for us to offer some guidance on how to get the most impact from a well designed portfolio presentation.
Vida Jurcic – Hangar 18

It was a pleasure. Overall I found the night very organized and quality of work shown to be quite high.
A shame not one illustrators showed up. Local reps should be slapped for not encouraging their clients to attend. 🙁
Thank you again for inviting us to participate,
Mark Busse – Industrial Brand Creative

Thanks for having me last night, it was my pleasure.
Calvin Ho  Vancouver  MacLaren McCann

“Good to see some new younger talent, not sure how you attract this and even getting some of the more established shooters to attend.”
James Bateman – Karacters Design Group

“Thanks for the opportunity to present my work to a variety of art directors in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and analytical. It has been invaluable to my development as a photographer.”
Leanna Rathkelly – Whistler

“If you need a reason to join CAPIC, it is the Portfolio Speed Review. A must attend event for both professionals and amateurs.”
Pooya Nabei -  Pooya Nabei Photography

No question that this event would sell out very quickly next time. It is truly worth the cost of admission and even a better when you are a member. Make sure you express your interest early to insure a seat at the next event. (TBD)

A special thank you to all of our sponsors; without their support these events could not take place.

Rick Etkin

Chapter President

CAPIC Vancouver