Rick Etkin Portrait

Portrait by Jonathan Bell-Etkin

Inspired by photography since age 11, Rick Etkin has been creating images from his home base in Vancouver for years. Photography remains a passion and he still feels like a kid when he is working, sometimes to the chagrin of those close to him.

Making “Imagery that Stirs”, people doing interesting things in interesting places keeps Rick happy. As a matter of fact almost anytime Rick has a camera in hand is a good thing. He really does play well with others and loves the teamwork and creative partnerships that are part of his way of working.

Rick has a book full of stories of his work and many experiences that are worth a read. The blogosphere will allow some of those things to be shared- the stories behind the images and insights into the every changing world of photography.

You will find some new galleries of work that are different from the main online portfolio and will contain more personal images and some of his iPhone art.

Hopefully you will all find this something worth reading…….

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