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CAPIC Vancouver Portfolio Speed Review-the review

Saturday, May 29th, 2010
2nd annual portfolio speed review - capic vancouver

Images from the Portfolio Speed Review at Vancouver Photo Workshop- May 25th CAPIC Vancouver

The following is an excerpt from the review that I wrote about the CAPIC event on the 25th. In my role as Chapter President, I was the MC and host of the Speed Reviews. Aside from almost losing my voice as the “end of session” alarm, it was quite inspiring to see the interaction between the participants and reviewers and great to peek over shoulders to see the portfolios. Really great work being created in Vancouver. Next time my book is going to be in for the reviews!

Thanks to all of the nearly 60 people involved.

The 2nd CAPIC Vancouver Portfolio Speed Reviews

Without doubt, one of the most successful and rewarding events that CAPIC Vancouver has put together! There was a fantastic turnout of reviewers representing the best design houses and advertising agencies in the city including Cossette, Karacters, Emdoublyou Design, and Hangar 18. This was matched by a real cross-section of photographers showing their best work. According to the reviewers, there were some stunning world class quality portfolios being shown.

Reviewers repeatedly noted that artists that they had seen last year, had taken and acted on their advice to greatly improve the overall impact and quality of their books. This was a clear indication to them of the value of the event . The designers all felt that this was time well spent. Meeting new talent, reacquainting themselves with others and being part of the community was worth every minute.

Each of the artists felt the quality of the reviews. Although five minutes often felt like only two, it created a focused and intense session which was truly like speed dating ( for those who have done that) after which they hoped that could lead to follow-up meetings and potential work.

There is no other comparable business environment that brings so many artists and buyers together to meet.

The event committee, volunteers and board members all worked hard to organize this event that saw virtually every participant in the reviews having their portfolio seen and commented on by every one of the 12 reviewers. To everyone’s real appreciation, that exceeded all expectations. A giant thank you to all of the reviewers for staying on to finish!

Comments and Quotes from the evening

It really was a fabulous evening. It was exhausting, but extremely rewarding.
The reviews are a great opportunity for us to offer some guidance on how to get the most impact from a well designed portfolio presentation.
Vida Jurcic – Hangar 18

It was a pleasure. Overall I found the night very organized and quality of work shown to be quite high.
A shame not one illustrators showed up. Local reps should be slapped for not encouraging their clients to attend. ūüôĀ
Thank you again for inviting us to participate,
Mark Busse – Industrial Brand Creative

Thanks for having me last night, it was my pleasure.
Calvin Ho√ā¬† Vancouver√ā¬† MacLaren McCann

“Good to see some new younger talent, not sure how you attract this and even getting some of the more established shooters to attend.”
James Bateman – Karacters Design Group

“Thanks for the opportunity to present my work to a variety of art directors in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and analytical. It has been invaluable to my development as a photographer.”
Leanna Rathkelly – Whistler

“If you need a reason to join CAPIC, it is the Portfolio Speed Review. A must attend event for both professionals and amateurs.”
Pooya Nabei -√ā¬† Pooya Nabei Photography

No question that this event would sell out very quickly next time. It is truly worth the cost of admission and even a better when you are a member. Make sure you express your interest early to insure a seat at the next event. (TBD)

A special thank you to all of our sponsors; without their support these events could not take place.

Rick Etkin

Chapter President

CAPIC Vancouver

What is keeping me busy these days?

Friday, May 21st, 2010

What is keeping me busy these days?

closing ceremonies

Inflatable moose, part of "Made in Canada" at Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremonies

Just when I thought I could get√ā¬†back to do what I love the most by shooting as much as I can, there seems to be a thousand deadlines for other important things that all need to be done first.


Before launching an email announcing this blog, I have had to update my website with my new work, juggle placement, run colour tests, revamp my portfolio, and decide on the cover√ā¬†for a new print portfolio. I also√ā¬†have worked on building networks and reconnecting with many people since the games,√ā¬†including√ā¬†attending the Capalino University IDEA Grad Show, The 2010 GDC Graphex Awards Night, and the√ā¬†Langara College Photography Grad show. Of course there were also√ā¬†CAPIC board meetings and the Langara Photography Program Advisory Board meetings,√ā¬†which I sit on.

Yaletown Sunset

View of downtown Vancouver from Granville Island - Yaletown at twilight


Next week (May 25th) is CAPIC’s Portfolio Speed Review, where I am the reviewer contact person and√ā¬† will be the MC. We have a great panel of reviewers from Vancouver’s top AD agencies and design firms. Cossette, Emdoubleyou Design, Hangar 18,√ā¬†Karacters, Rethink and others, for a total of 18 creative reviewers. I am really looking forward to hearing the comments and getting feedback from both the reviewers and the artists involved.

Kudos to the CAPIC Board and volunteers who have helped make this a reality. A review of the event will be posted after its over.


On top of the smaller items above, I have been asked to make a four hour presentation, on June 1st,√ā¬†to Winnipeg School District instructors, about my experience at the Olympics and on√ā¬†how to inspire students in photography. This all came about during the Olympics, as one of the Volunteer Press Assistants at the Whistler Media Centre (Ron Weston) was the Superintendant of the School system for Winnipeg. He was writing a daily blog for the students and teachers back home, and included some photo related information that I passed on. There were some great collections of 2010 photography at the Denver Post blog that was a big√ā¬†hit with the students (and almost anyone who sees them). The next day Ron approached me thinking that what I was doing was interesting enough to invite me to speak.

So now√ā¬†I am in the middle of writing and creating a multimedia extravaganza that hopefully might get shown in more than Winnipeg.√ā¬† It’s been great doing research on other photographers’ blogs to see what the results of all the planning that went into the Games’ Photo Services. I will post a link to an excerpt from the presentation when it’s done.

If you have a group that may be interested in seeing part of the finished presentation, let me know!


At the same time as everything else, I am trying to edit my hard√ā¬†drive full of games images into a meaningful collection of my memories of the experience.

Devotees with blue Devo hats

" Devotees" Fans of Devo at Whistler Medals Plaza during the Games- wearing the trademark Devo hat in "Games Blue"

I have had many requests from people to see the “inside” of the Games, so I am making it a priority along with an online gallery linked to my website. Watch this blog for the announcement of the completion of my book.


Lastly, there is the ten minute keynote speaker address that I am writing to present to a potential audience of 500 people, on June 3rd. You√ā¬†will have to wait before I can let you know what this is all about. Come back after June 4th.