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Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
Meeting Chris Hadfield at the XL Leadership Summit was truly an honour for the space geek and photographer I am. Photo by Kim Stallknecht

Meeting Chris Hadfield at the XL Leadership Summit was truly an honour for the space geek and photographer I am.
Photo by Kim Stallknecht

On February 13th I had the great fortune to represent CAPIC Vancouver as Chapter President and attend the XL Leadership Summit held at Hotel Vancouver.

This inspiring event, presented by the Twenty Ten Group featured a series of fantastic leaders and speakers talking about many topics related to Leadership. Speaking to a packed house, the first up, has had the opportunity to lead literally out of this world and spoke about “The Sky Is Not The Limit”. Col. Chris Hadfield   (@Cmdr_Hadfield) is without doubt, the most famous astronaut since Armstrong walked on the moon.

His talk was humble, funny, fascinating, captivating and inspiring. The entire audience soaked up every word from describing the “Man Diapers” that he put on before his first flight into space to his fluent Russian story about the Ammonia leak that took place just days before he was to return home from the ISS.

Col Hadfield offered many insights into his approach to leadership in a place where there is no room whatsoever for mistakes (the ISS). “Prepare for the unknown: visualize failure”, repeat and do it again so you are ready for anything. “Value everyone on your team” was another way he succeeds. Each member of his crew gets “listening” time where he asks for ideas and gives responsibility to the team so they remain engaged.

His humbleness included describing himself as a failure, as he had not attained the goal he set as a 9 year old watching  Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon. That goal was that one day would walk on the Moon as well… I think we can all agree Col Hadfield is no failure!

By the end of his talk I was completely inspired and, along with the entire audience, easily could have listened to much more. I had not so secretely hoped I would be able to meet him and perhaps, have him sign a book featuring his photography, that my daughter, Lindsay had given me for Christmas.

Fortunatley after his talk, I ran into photographer, Kim Stallknecht, who was on her way to photograph other attendees with the speaker. A big thanks to Kim for the opportunity to not only get the book signed but have a chance to meet briefly and have my photo taken with Col Hadfield!

There was so much more inspiration through the rest of the day, but for me the highlight came at the start of the day.

Many thanks to the team that put the day together, it went well beyond my expectations!

@XL_Summit  @Cmdr_Hadfield

GDC and CAPIC present a post Olympic Showdown

Thursday, November 11th, 2010
Devo fans at the Whistler Medals Plaza during the Vancouver 2010 Games

Devo fans at the Whistler Medals Plaza during the Vancouver 2010 Games

FRIDAY 7-10pm, November 26th, 2010 at EMILY CARR UNIVERSITY OF ART + DESIGN

Join us for this special evening celebrating still
images and moments from the 2010 Winter
Olympic Games by two of Vancouver’s prominent
commercial photographers, John Lee and Rick Etkin.

Learn behind the scenes stories and the commitment required to
capture Canada’s historical spirit of the games.


The Society of Graphic Designers/BC Chapter welcome you

to an ‘Olympic Photo Showdown:Lee vs Etkin’on Friday, November 26th, 2007.

Each special guest will showcase select images from
their award-winning portfolio of behind-the-scenes
Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic photographs while
sharing stories about each special moment captured.

After the presentations, a short Q&A period will be
available to the audience with a social reception to follow

What is keeping me busy these days?

Friday, May 21st, 2010

What is keeping me busy these days?

closing ceremonies

Inflatable moose, part of "Made in Canada" at Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremonies

Just when I thought I could get back to do what I love the most by shooting as much as I can, there seems to be a thousand deadlines for other important things that all need to be done first.


Before launching an email announcing this blog, I have had to update my website with my new work, juggle placement, run colour tests, revamp my portfolio, and decide on the cover for a new print portfolio. I also have worked on building networks and reconnecting with many people since the games, including attending the Capalino University IDEA Grad Show, The 2010 GDC Graphex Awards Night, and the Langara College Photography Grad show. Of course there were also CAPIC board meetings and the Langara Photography Program Advisory Board meetings, which I sit on.

Yaletown Sunset

View of downtown Vancouver from Granville Island - Yaletown at twilight


Next week (May 25th) is CAPIC’s Portfolio Speed Review, where I am the reviewer contact person and  will be the MC. We have a great panel of reviewers from Vancouver’s top AD agencies and design firms. Cossette, Emdoubleyou Design, Hangar 18, Karacters, Rethink and others, for a total of 18 creative reviewers. I am really looking forward to hearing the comments and getting feedback from both the reviewers and the artists involved.

Kudos to the CAPIC Board and volunteers who have helped make this a reality. A review of the event will be posted after its over.


On top of the smaller items above, I have been asked to make a four hour presentation, on June 1st, to Winnipeg School District instructors, about my experience at the Olympics and on how to inspire students in photography. This all came about during the Olympics, as one of the Volunteer Press Assistants at the Whistler Media Centre (Ron Weston) was the Superintendant of the School system for Winnipeg. He was writing a daily blog for the students and teachers back home, and included some photo related information that I passed on. There were some great collections of 2010 photography at the Denver Post blog that was a big hit with the students (and almost anyone who sees them). The next day Ron approached me thinking that what I was doing was interesting enough to invite me to speak.

So now I am in the middle of writing and creating a multimedia extravaganza that hopefully might get shown in more than Winnipeg.  It’s been great doing research on other photographers’ blogs to see what the results of all the planning that went into the Games’ Photo Services. I will post a link to an excerpt from the presentation when it’s done.

If you have a group that may be interested in seeing part of the finished presentation, let me know!


At the same time as everything else, I am trying to edit my hard drive full of games images into a meaningful collection of my memories of the experience.

Devotees with blue Devo hats

" Devotees" Fans of Devo at Whistler Medals Plaza during the Games- wearing the trademark Devo hat in "Games Blue"

I have had many requests from people to see the “inside” of the Games, so I am making it a priority along with an online gallery linked to my website. Watch this blog for the announcement of the completion of my book.


Lastly, there is the ten minute keynote speaker address that I am writing to present to a potential audience of 500 people, on June 3rd. You will have to wait before I can let you know what this is all about. Come back after June 4th.

Xpose 2010 – CAPIC National show features Rick’s Work

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
Gratitude week Series

Xpose 2010 features 3 images from Rick Etkin

Rick Etkin is pleased to announce that images from a series that he shot for Gratitude in Vancouver are included in the CAPIC Xpose show.  A triptych of three images is being showcased in the exhibition that opened May 2nd,  the Xpose book printed collection and web gallery. (now online)


Photographer           Rick Etkin
Creative Director     Rik Klingle – RikWrites
Production                filmgroup vancouver

Xpose, now in its third year, is a juried exhibition of work from members of the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC). The images are created by talented artists at the forefront of commercial photography and illustration in Canada.

The exhibition is part of the Toronto Contact Photography Festival in May

Photos: CAPIC Xpose 2010 group show
Where: Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie, Toronto, 416-392-7834,
When: May 1-8
reception 1-4 pm May 2

Chapter President of CAPIC Vancouver

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Shortly after completing my contract at the Olympics, I was recruited, drafted and voted in (all in one evening) as the Vancouver Chapter President of CAPIC  ( Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications). This is a reprise of the role I held for several years as the founding president of the chapter many years ago. From there, I spent another 6 years on the National Board in one role or another.

It seemed like a good idea at the time…

I am actually quite honoured to be active again in CAPIC. I am certainly more experienced at the handling of volunteers and administration after working at the Games. I now feel that my skills can be put to good use. One of many goals is to increase the involvement of Illustrators in the chapter. Other plans include continuing to raise the profile of CAPIC to our clients to make members the first choice for top photography and illustration.

The board has been well run by Byron Smith along with lots of energetic committed members and volunteers – sounds just like the Olympics.