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Shape, Shadow, Light and Form

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

This is the start of a new personal photographic series that I have been working on recently.

It is inspired in many ways by classic  black and white photographic technique, a series that explores the world around me. All of these subjects were discovered while out walking in areas of Vancouver and were photographed using only natural available light. The images feature the beauty in the shape, shadow, light and form in nature.

I hope you enjoy the series online and eventually on the walls of a gallery.


All images were created with my iphone 4s. For some people a smartphone is a toy, a tool for others and for me, another means to allow creative and artistic expression.
(all images ©rick etkin 2015 and not for reproduction without written permission)

All about the Light

Monday, July 22nd, 2013
Reaching for Saturn at the Illuminares Lantern Festival- Its all about the light

Reaching for Saturn at the Illuminares Lantern Festival- It’s all about the light

All of my life I have followed, observed, marvelled, designed and created light. My life as a photographer would be impossible without the ability to see light differently than others. This image is from the Public Dreams Illuminares Lantern Festival in Trout Lake shows how inspiring light can be.

The theme of the 25th Anniversary Festival was “25 Light Years” a journey through space at light-speed past the planets. This sculpture of Saturn was on that journey and inspired my idea to take this photograph.