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Subplot’s Superheros Portrait Session

Friday, July 14th, 2017
Subplot Portriats

Roy White and Matthew Clark Subplot  Partners

What can you say when a top Canadian design team asks you to do their portraits for their promotional and profiles? Knowing their standards are extraordinarily high, their clients’ are super-stars and I have known them forever, I was genuinely flattered and said sure…

For those that know Subplot’s partners Matthew Clark and Roy White, serious turns to hysterical pretty fast and they wanted to capture something that reflected their personalities. I think we succeeded and given the creative was to work with a superhero look, I expect it will get some comments as they roll them out.

In Matthew’s words:

“Rick really makes our vision come to life – and then some! He is collaborative, inventive, and is technically perfect. And to get that with a bunch of designers as his subject-matter, well that’s a miracle. But we are so amazingly impressed and happy with our portraits. We’ve never looked so good!”

Subplot -Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark

Roy White

Subplot Design's Creative Team

Subplot Design’s Creative Team

About Subplot

Creative Certainty (tm)

Deductive, decisive, pragmatic, didactic, methodical, empirical, clear-eyed,
fresh-faced, eyebrow-furrowing, poetic, alchemic, chimeric, grenade-throwing, mind-blowing, rule-breaking, breathtaking, kick-at-sacred-cows, maybe-not-what-you-expected-but-for-sure-what-you-need brand design.

assistant: Ehsan Mahdizadeh final digital post: Matthew Clark

Community and Creativity

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017
Tina Mohns

Tina Mohns

There are many connections that you can make as a photographer, some random, some from assignments, others through community. I have always been an advocate for community, even an activist. This has brought me on many adventures, along with some detours but almost always leading me to people with similar ideas and beliefs on the way.

Pennylane Shen

Pennylane Shen

I have directed my work to my passion, creating “Imagery That Stirs” for myself and for clients. With most of my community work, although it is related to creativity I don’t often get to indulge my passion and profession as a photographer with camera in hand.

Olivia Sari-Goerlach

Olivia Sari-Goerlach

When the opportunity does come up, I jump in lens first. One of those opportunities is being part of the great international arts organization, Slideluck, whose irresistible mandate is “building community through food and art’. Along with co-director Tina Mohns, I have involved other influential people with community interests to help and then placed them in front of my camera so we have a consistent series of portraits of the great people who are the jury and team that is behind the event.

Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark

It was both a chance to recognize the people, that without their help, this event could not happen and for me to have more than an organizational role in Slideluck Vancouver.

Johnathon Vaughn-Strebly

Johnathon Vaughn-Strebly

The jury are all accomplished creatives in the design and art community with extraordinarily high standards, international reputations, community leaders, activists, educators and more. Each has pretty lofty expectations and deserves more than just a passport headshot. The organizing team are all photographers with certain expectations as well so the bar was set high to begin with.

Hope Morris

Hope Morris

We all had a great time during the shoot and I hope you agree the results speak for themselves.

Avalon Mott

Avalon Mott

More about the jury

Slideluck Vancouver lV

The Importance of Freedom of Expression

Thursday, January 8th, 2015


The morning of January 7th will be remembered for the horrible actions of a group that thought that a Sword is more powerful than a Pen. The massacre of 12 people in Paris in an attempt to silence free thought and expression, will not be accepted by those who believe in democratic and free speech.

All over the world, people gathered in silent vigil to show that we will not bow to this horrible attack. There will be no fear, there will be no silencing of free expression, nor the freedom of press. For those that use terror to control their own people and try to control those who do not follow their beliefs, they have accomplished the opposite. Yesterday’s actions have angered most of the world and proved that we cannot be silenced.

In the age of social media and the internet, more is shared, faster and wider than ever. We know what people are thinking all over the world in an blink of an eye and a click of a mouse. I found out about the Vancouver Vigil via social media and knew that I needed to attend. The horror of the events in Paris struck me very deeply and I wished to show both my respect and defiance by attending.

When I arrived, I was struck by the cross section of people already there, from children to seniors and all walks of life. The silence was overpowering and the signs and pens held by the crowd said volumes.

I chose to record and share what I saw. I am not a photojournalist but felt compelled to document and tell some of the story and feeling of the Vancouver Vigil. This is part of my stand against what happened…

The pen is mightier than the sword will ever be.

"Je Suis Charlie' Slient Vigil at Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

“Je Suis Charlie’ Slient Vigil at Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

"Je Suis Charlie' Slient Vigil at Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

“Je Suis Charlie’ Slient Vigil at Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

"Je Suis Charlie' Silent Vigil on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

“Je Suis Charlie’ Silent Vigil on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

"Je Suis Charlie' Silent Vigil on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

“Je Suis Charlie’ Silent Vigil on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

"Je Suis Charlie' Silent Vigil on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

“Je Suis Charlie’ Silent Vigil on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

"Je Suis Charlie' Slient Vigil at Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

“Je Suis Charlie’ Slient Vigil at Vancouver Art Gallery Jan 7 2014

Shooting for The National Geographic Society

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
National Geographic event In British Columbia, Mulling the Role of Natural Gas in a Sustainable Energy Future

National Geographic event In British Columbia, Mulling the Role of Natural Gas in a Sustainable Energy Future

    My First National Geographic Society Assignment

At one point in every photographers career you will dream of shooting for the National Geographic Society.

As an organization, the mission of the National Geographic Society is to inspire people to care about the planet. Throughout its 126-year history, it has encouraged conservation of natural resources and raised public awareness of the importance of natural places, the plants and wildlife that inhabit them and the environmental problems that threaten them. The Society also encourages stewardship of the planet through research and exploration, and through education. Through their many media and communication channels, they reach an astounding 500 million people every month.

So you can imagine my response when a friend and client called and left a message asking if I would be interested in shooting for National Geographic. Like a very fast shutter speed with no delay of course I said yes!

The Society has been hosting a series of workshops and think-tanks around the world on the issues of energy and the future called “The Great Energy Challenge” and Vancouver became a focus for a very timely discussion about natural gas and its role in the world’s energy future. The event, held just prior to the Globe2014 conference on the environment brought many industry ( Andy Calitz, Paul Jeakins) and environmental leaders ( Wade Davis, Mark Brownstein, Ellis Ross) along with academics and other stakeholders into one room, to discuss the future of natural gas and how it impacts on the environment, economies, and our way of life.

The Great Energy Challenge - A National Geographic Initiative in Partnership with Shell

I was asked by the National Geographic organizing team to attend and photograph the discussions for use on their blog, printed reports and communication pieces. It may not be what most people would think of me shooting and although it wasn’t for the Magazine with months in the arctic waiting for perfect light and polar bears, it was my first assignment for National Geographic and it is already online with my credit as photographer. It is very thought provoking to read and worth checking out.The Great Energy Challenge - A National Geographic Initiative in Partnership with Shell

I felt extremely fortunate to be able to part of this important dialogue about energy and would like to think that there are other National Geographic assignments in my future, time will tell.

National Geographic event In British Columbia, Mulling the Role of Natural Gas in a Sustainable Energy Future

National Geographic event In British Columbia, Mulling the Role of Natural Gas in a Sustainable Energy Future

Well Known Vancouver Domes

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013
BC Place at twilight

BC Place at twilight

Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver

Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver

Vancouver's most frequently seen dome

Vancouver’s most frequently seen dome


Three of Vancouver’s most famous domes photographed in one night last week. A little bit of iphonography fun!

All about the Light

Monday, July 22nd, 2013
Reaching for Saturn at the Illuminares Lantern Festival- Its all about the light

Reaching for Saturn at the Illuminares Lantern Festival- It’s all about the light

All of my life I have followed, observed, marvelled, designed and created light. My life as a photographer would be impossible without the ability to see light differently than others. This image is from the Public Dreams Illuminares Lantern Festival in Trout Lake shows how inspiring light can be.

The theme of the 25th Anniversary Festival was “25 Light Years” a journey through space at light-speed past the planets. This sculpture of Saturn was on that journey and inspired my idea to take this photograph.

Langara Press Release – Rick Etkin Named 2010 Langara Outstanding Alumni

Friday, June 18th, 2010

100 WEST 49TH AVENUE TEL: 604.323.5511
VANCOUVER, BC FAX: 604.323.5555
For immediate release
June 17, 2010

Rick Etkin Named 2010 Langara Outstanding Alumni

Presentation of the Outstanding Alumni Award to Rick Etkin

Vancouver, BC –

Rick Etkin is the recipient of the 2010 Langara College Outstanding Alumni Award for Industry Achievement. The annual award celebrates the contribution of exceptional individuals who have enhanced the reputation of the College through their inspirational career, public service, community service, athletic, arts and culture, or academic achievements. He was awarded the honour at the College’s 44th annual Convocation Ceremony held on June 3.

Since his graduation from the Langara College Photo Technician program in 1978, Etkin has owned and operated a successful advertising photography and commercial production business. He is an active member of the photographic community and is a founding member and current president of the Vancouver Chapter of Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC). In addition to his work with CAPIC, he has volunteered with the Variety Telethon providing photographic services during the telethons as well as for public relations purposes.

In 2010, Etkin realized a childhood dream of being part of the Olympics when he was chosen to be the Supervisor Photo Services for the Mountain Region with the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. He shared his Olympic experience with the Langara community by recruiting photo department instructors, alumni, and students to be part of his press operations team.

“Rick is an active leader in his industry and a sincere advocate for our College,” said Dr. David Ross, president of Langara. “He has served on our Professional Photo-Imaging program advisory board for over 25 years, guest lectures for the program and hosts students for work practicums. We are honoured that he is a Langara alumnus.”

Langara College, located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, provides University, Career, and Continuing Studies programs and courses to more than 20,000 students annually. The College’s expansive academic breadth and depth allows students to choose their own educational path. The College offers three bachelor’s degrees as well as a comprehensive variety of diplomas, certificates, and citations.
– 30 –

Media contact:
Dr. Ian Humphreys, Ph.D.
Director, Communications & Marketing Services

Langara College

28 Years later…BC Place roof comes down

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
BC Place roof comes down

The start of deflation of BC Place Roof May 4 2010

Today I stood and watched the roof of BC Place Stadium, deflate for the last time. The stadium was  home of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as the BC Lions, The Whitecaps, countless concerts, trade shows and film productions.

It was about 28 years ago, when the view was very different, that I stood inside as the inflatable roof was raised, I won’t say it seemed like yesterday but  it really was something that was important to me at the time…. A few months later, I shot an exterior image from the South shore of False Creek.  My photograph became the official poster for the opening of BC Place. I tried to find it in my archives, but haven’t located it yet, thus is the case with film and print archives, searching through digital archives is so much easier.

BC Place Roof halfway deflated on May 4 2010

Bc Place roof all gone

The roof is completely deflated - May 4th 2010 about 11:40 in the morning

It only took about an hour in the sunshine for the roof to come down and change the skyline of the city. A new retractable roof will be in place in about 18 months and the stadium will reopen and once again change the skyline of Vancouver.

These photos were taken from the Eastern Shore of False Creek near the Telus World of Science. There was a very patient crowd taking in the moment. A few photographers were in attendance including one of Vancouver’s true veterans, Andy Clark.

Andy Clark

Andy Clark captures BC place roof deflation on May 4 2010

Oddly enough, a Bollywood film was being shot on the seawall to the south of where I watched. Interesting to hear “Action” and “Cut”in Hindi

Xpose 2010 – CAPIC National show features Rick’s Work

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
Gratitude week Series

Xpose 2010 features 3 images from Rick Etkin

Rick Etkin is pleased to announce that images from a series that he shot for Gratitude in Vancouver are included in the CAPIC Xpose show.  A triptych of three images is being showcased in the exhibition that opened May 2nd,  the Xpose book printed collection and web gallery. (now online)


Photographer           Rick Etkin
Creative Director     Rik Klingle – RikWrites
Production                filmgroup vancouver

Xpose, now in its third year, is a juried exhibition of work from members of the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC). The images are created by talented artists at the forefront of commercial photography and illustration in Canada.

The exhibition is part of the Toronto Contact Photography Festival in May

Photos: CAPIC Xpose 2010 group show
Where: Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie, Toronto, 416-392-7834,
When: May 1-8
reception 1-4 pm May 2