Works of Personal Photographic Discovery

After a rather extended non-blogging period, I have returned to my writing and posting, updating my website and adding images that don’t really belong anywhere else other than facebook or instagram (#rick_etkin) but I wanted to share more than the short bursts allowed in those forums.

Discoveries - personal iphonography Ikea Lamps
Discoveries – personal iphonography
Ikea Lamps

I have immensely enjoyed creating and capturing images with my iphone that I might not have taken with my Lumix, Nikon or other heavy pro gear that I have the occasion to use. “The best camera you have is the one that you have with you”…(chase jarvis and many others). It appears I have taken that to heart and find myself shooting constantly and I have amassed a large library of images from my travel, walking, discoveries and day to day visual observations.

Getty Museum Los Angeles - iphonography
discoveries – travel iphonography
Stainless Steel Bowls - Commercial Kitchen iphonography
discoveries – personal iphonography

The reaction to my personal work has been very strong, positive and encouraging and I am happy to begin sharing some of this with more people in the very public world of the internet.

Feedback and comments are truly welcome.

Watch this space for regular updates! ( I promise)

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