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“Of Football and Family” – SFU aq magazine editorial

Thursday, November 13th, 2014
SFU Coach Chapdelaine

SFU Coach Chapdelaine –

SFU aq Magazine Cover feature on Clansmen Coach, Jacques Chapdelaine and his sons

SFU aq Magazine Cover feature on Clansmen Coach, Jacques Chapdelaine and his sons

A few months ago, I had the great pleasure to collaborate once again with Vancouver art director, Jane Edwards Griffin for her client, Simon Fraser University aq magazine. It was the cover and editorial spread featuring Jacques Chapdelaine, the coach of the SFU Clansmen Football Team and his coaching assistants, who happened to be his two sons. The feature is called “Of Football and Family”

There is a great history with the coach and the team, and now they are the first Canadian University team to join the NCAA league in the United States. SFU aq Magazine decided to feature this important story for their readership and Jane called on me to create the feature’s photographs.

Squeezing an hour of the coach’s precious pre-season time was instrumental in the final outcome. In the end, had to shoot on campus in the mid-day sun between 11:30 and 1:00 on a very hot, cloudless day in August. Not at all the ideal time to shoot, so finding the right locations was essential. Fortunately, we were able to take advantage of the sports complex’s busy passageways to hide from the direct sun.

Working with Jane is always a treat; she is very hands on and involved to get the best possible results, always open to ideas. We both feel the results of this shoot were fantastic and as the publication has just been released, we will soon get feedback from the readers as well.

“When art directing, my intention is to allow the best opportunity for “all the stars to align”. In the case of aq’s November cover feature, I could not have wished for better synchronicity. Coach Chapdelaine, his two son’s on set, the glorious light filtering through from the Terry Fox field, and of course Rick’s keen eye, intuition and rapport with those in front of his lens. Thank you for being such a bright star, Rick! “

Art Director Jane Edwards Griffin

Of Football and Family - SFU aq Magazine   The Chapdelaines – SFU Clansman Football Coaches


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