Portraits of an Artist

I recently had the great privilege of being commissioned to work with Backun Musical Services, makers of some of the finest woodwind products in the world, based here in Burnaby B.C.. One of their artists, Eugene Mondie, is currently the Assistant Principal and Eb Clarinetist with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C.. Eugene had come to Vancouver to meet with Backun for some custom work on his clarinet and to do a publicity photo shoot for them, which is where I came in. This image is one of my favourites of the session with both the artist and the instrument looking their best.

Portrait by Rick Etkin of Eugene Mondie for @backunmusical with ‪#‎BackunArtists‬

Portrait by Rick Etkin of Eugene Mondie for @backunmusical with ‪#‎BackunArtists‬

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2 Responses to “Portraits of an Artist”

  1. Donna Says:

    Hey thought I would say hi
    Nobody ever fills out these forms anymore
    and isn’t it fastinating when you learn so much while your creating images for clients
    Donna Miller

  2. Rick Says:

    Donna, thanks for being one of those that did reply 😉 There is no doubt that photography gets you places and experiences like no other profession which is why I am still passionate about after so many years!

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